You are the expert… So go make some money!

Have you ever heard of a flower going out to gather pollen from other flowers? Do airline pilots leave the plane’s controls to wheel trolleys up and down the aisle serving drinks? Who is likely to score more goals in a season; an out-and-out striker or a goalkeeper? Clearly the experts are the best at carrying out their primary role and, more importantly, they are able to do it better if they have a good support team around them.Flowers and Bees

Why then do so many business owners, sub-contractors and other specialists in their field try and carry out every task in their business? Surely they would be more fruitful, get to their destination safer, and reach more goals if they were focused on the thing they do best?

Did you know that the human mind cannot multi-task? Sorry ladies, not even you are able to do any more than one thing at a time. What happens when we are attempting to concentrate on multiple jobs is that our conscious brain is quickly moving from one thing to another. (And I accept that women may manage to do this better than men.) But regardless of how good you are at doing this, the undeniable conclusion (scientifically proven) is that every single one of us is more efficient when we are concentrating on a single task.

What is the best ‘one thing’ for you to be doing?

Studies also indicate that when we are focusing on a particular task and we are interrupted, it takes a considerable time to get your head back to that place. These lapses in concentration can be caused by both internal and external influences. For example, your mobile phone going off can interrupt what you are doing. Equally the niggling thought that your accounts need doing, or you haven’t filled in some important forms can stop you being as effective.

If you are in business, particularly if you are self-employed or a contractor, the temptation is always there to try and do everything yourself – to save money. This simply isn’t a good strategy!

The thing that you do, the trade or skill that you studied for, worked hard at becoming qualified in, and which creates your income is the most important thing. The clue is in the fact that it is the source of your pay. The cost of getting someone to take administrative distractions off of your hands would barely scratch the surface of the income you could generate when free of those burdens.

Square pegs for square holes and round pegs for round ones…

In the same way that bees help pollinate flowers, while going about their own busy tasks, and we like to think that pilots are constantly keeping an eye on all those dials, you should be doing what you do best. There is so much help available to contractors and business owners today, through both software and outsources support, it makes no sense not to use it. If you put eleven strikers on the pitch, they are no more likely to win a game than eleven goalkeepers, because it is the combined skillset of a team which makes the difference.

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