Why this Corgi should be your new business inspiration

CorgiIf the Internet loves one thing, it’s cat and puppy videos right?

Well today, I got an unexpected business lesson from the latter and thought it was something we could all do with reminding about – especially if times are tough.

And…I thought I’d brighten up your day with a cute Corgi, ‘cause why not?!


Beau is an 11 week old Corgi pup who kept running rings around his owner by escaping his dog-proof fence every single day. Owner Dan couldn’t get his head around how he was doing it, so set up a secret camera.

Now, the video is cute but what was the business message?

Well, watching this video made me think about how we’re always coming up against different barriers each and every day in our businesses.

How often do you get beaten by these walls, and how often do you fight like little Beau to break them down?

I know that for me, I’m going to start being a little bit more like Beau and next time I come to a brick wall – or dog-proof fence! – I’m going to fight tooth and nail to break it down and move my business forwards.

Maybe you’ll join me?

Speak soon!



P.S. I’m a sucker for a puppy video, if you see one you think I’ll like fire it over!