What the h**l ‘Appened?


Aah online shopping…the ease of it all.

A few clickety-clicks here, a few parcel deliveries there and ta-dah!

Your bank balance has taken a bashing.

But isn’t that the great thing about technology advances, that it makes your life just THAT much easier?

Take Amazon for instance; rumour on Wall Street has is that the e-tailing giant is developing a mobile app that would pay the man on the street to deliver packages to the rest of his neighbourhood.


Yes.  Amazon wants to turn your neighbour into a delivery man.

It’s the latest in a long list of schemes to cut the costs of one of the most expensive parts of the Amazon business model, namely doorstep delivery.

This App is set to help Amazon use inefficiencies in the delivery market to their advantage.

Stroke of genius?

The neighbourhood delivery program is called ‘On My Way’ internally, and there are significant logistical problems to be worked out before the app solidifies.

With App usage increasing to 76% last year, what with shopping, productivity, and messaging apps growing the most, it’s important now more than ever that businesses get on the front foot.

The alternative is that we could be missing out on potential business.

Don’t know about you, but there doesn’t seem to be a better time than now to start challenging existing methods, embrace opportunity and get innovating.

That said…

Have a futuristic week