A top time-saving tip for freelancers!

The biggest single drawback for most people who work for themselves is simply that! They are one person working for themselves. What they think they are doing is working for someone else (an employer, a customer or in some instances one of a number of customers), but they are actually a servant to their own time. Very few self-employed people have genuinely mastered the art of only doing the work that earns them money. Most of them also spend a large proportion of their time doing the work that keeps their business going.

This sounds like it is an important use of your time, doesn’t it? But please believe me when I tell you that mindset is very close to madness!

Focus and freedom

Unless your business is bookkeeping, administration, sending out the post, office cleaning, payroll, tax planning, or sending out emails, you will probably be earning more money doing something else. So every minute (in reality it is probably many hours each week) you spend on tasks like those will be time that you can’t use in exchange for income. In short – it is a waste of your time!

Giving these low-skill tasks (which, without wanting to sound disrespectful, are beneath your skill level), to someone else to do will allow you to focus on more important things. It will free up your time to deliver more ‘chargeable’ great results for your customer and make that time many times more effective: for them and for you.

One thing at a time!

Whatever the expertise, experience and hours that you sell to your customers, I’m certain that it is not simple. You have probably trained for years, achieved accreditations, got letters after your name and spent many painstaking hours ‘on the job’ perfecting your art and building up your experience. I’d imagine that you need to be organised, have a clear idea on the best methodology and order in which to do things. Your problem-solving skills are likely to be honed to perfection, and your eye for detail is sharper than an eagle’s when it comes to delivering the very best result. You are a true expert – and that is why they pay for your services.

If an amateur or a lesser version of you tried to do what you do, they would never deliver the same result. They do not have the skill, the experience, the understanding, or the focus that you have.

Why then would you want to dilute your efforts by thinking about anything else?

Time-management is actually self-management!

The single biggest bit of advice I could give anyone about more effective time management is to focus on increasing their own freedom. Stop diverting a single minute more of your attention than necessary to anything other than the things you are being paid to do. Outsource everything that is superficial to you earning money. Be ruthless with your time: both with other people who want to steal it and with your own tendency to overmanage.

Imagine never having to do another bit of admin, file a receipt, work out next quarters tax payment or anything else that would soak up your attention. Trust me; this is a powerful technique if you can discipline yourself to actually do it: Acting on this advice could very well change your life.

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