Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth…

…but a pair of robotic hands could get it spot on!
Take a look at the prototype “Robo-Chef” that could soon be in a kitchen near you:
(It’ll set you back £10K, mind.)
London-based company, Moley Robotics have created a machine that works by capturing human movements whilst making a meal, and then copying them.
In fact, the machine is so impressive, that it remembers the actions for preparing a specific meal, and will carry out the same actions time and time again.
Now, this sort of technology won’t be coming to our kitchen in the foreseeable future – it’s a couple of years away. But it is in the pipeline, and if the prototype comes to fruition, you too could have a robotic genius in your kitchen – one that moves at the same pace as you do.
This sort of advancement in technology can sometime be daunting to people.
But that’s not to say that people aren’t receptive to it. Sometimes it’s important to push forward with an innovative idea, if you know that it has legs to be a success. Fortune favours the brave, and if you have something unique and desirable in the pipeline, don’t hold back on developing it.
Sometimes it’s all too easy to stay within our comfort zone. We churn out the same products or services because it’s all we know, and for the most part, they’re the bread and butter that keep us in the green. But, the most successful businesses keep pushing harder and striving higher. They’re one step ahead.
Don’t fall behind.