Robin J. Munoz


Q. When you grow up, you want to be…
A. A pilot, so that I can travel and see the world

Q. If you were a superhero, what would your power be?
A. Immortality, because I love life

Q. If you were an animal you would be a… ?
A. A dog, since it relates to me as one who has a strong personality but is sweet natured

How Robin can help you
I have a background in general accounting, internal auditing, business planning and budgeting. All of these skills are helpful in the preparation of year-end financial reports. I’m continually improving my financial management skills to be able to support the accounting solutions delivered by the Meades team.

I have experience of working with large accounting systems, such as SAP, Oracle and RISA. I’m a fan of Xero. Being user-friendly and cloud-based, it’s both convenient for clients and sufficiently powerful to meet the demands of the accounting team. The reporting tools provide good oversight of business numbers and help business owners work towards their goals.


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Robin’s background
I come from a family of four – as well as my mum and dad, I have a younger sister. I’m very close to my grandmother. I currently live with her, so I can look after her. Family is important to me.

I completed my Bachelor of Science in accountancy in 2015, then passed the Board Exam and got my licence two years later, in the Philippines. I’m the first in my family to gain a degree and they’re very proud of me.

Having said that, accountancy wasn’t my first career choice – I wanted to be a pilot or a doctor! However, when I started studying accounting in high school, I discovered that I enjoyed it enormously and so decided to pursue that, instead.

I’ve gained quite a bit of experience so far. I worked as an internal auditor and budget control officer for Thailand’s foremost oil company. I’ve also been an accounting officer for a high-profile group of companies locally, and I was a pioneer accounting supervisor for one of the largest retail companies here in the Philippines. I’ve also worked for the civil service and am an ISO-certified auditor.

I believe that ‘What you think, you become’, so I’d like to encourage everyone to stay positive and always believe in yourself.