Pauline Sebastian


Xero Certified Advisor


Q. What is the main area of expertise you offer clients?
A. I am experienced in understanding the correlation of different accounts to one another; this means I can identify and resolve irregularities in clients’ accounts quickly and efficiently, and advise clients on report analysis

Q. If you were a superhero, what would your power be?
A. Flying! (But preferably without the need for wings)

Q. Tell us something about you that not many people would know?
A. One of my big dreams in life is to be able to write a book

How Pauline can help you
She takes an emphatic approach to solving accounting challenges. She is always sincere in the advice she gives and will try to put herself in your shoes, taking time to understand the importance of what you are looking to achieve.

She thinks time is the only thing to be given serious value, since you won’t be able to get it back, once spent. She enjoys finding ways to save time or quit wasting it. In the accounting world, she truly believes a great accounting system like Xero is in line with her thinking. It helps save time and money.

She has a background in external auditing, which is very helpful in the preparation of year-end financial reports, and is currently improving her financial management skills to be able to provide accounting solutions and to have an even greater impact on the business as a whole.


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Pauline’s background
She was raised by her grandparents and thinks she grew up to be an old soul because of them. It is highly evident in her taste in music, literature, and all kinds of art in general.

She completed her Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in 2013, and passed the Board Exam and got her license in the same year, in the Philippines. Her first job was at an auditing firm – Punongbayan & Araullo – a Grant Thornton affiliate, as a junior auditor. She moved to work as an accountant in the property management industry, where she enhanced her general accounting skills and realised her passion in leading, and financial management. She joined the Meades team in 2018.

She is in a long-term relationship with her partner, Jay, and they have a dog named Potato. They usually hang out during weekends, when they do their practical hobbies, like woodworking, gardening and cooking.

Her main hobby is reading; she finds utmost pleasure in feeding her mind useful information because she has a high regard for strong mental health. She has this belief that whatever you expose your mind to, it will subconsciously embody and eventually it will manifest in your daily life.