Natalie Kadir

Admin Coordinator

Q. What are you rubbish at but keep doing anyway?
A. Planning events

Q. If you were an animal, what would you be?
A. A lynx cat – they are beautiful and have the cutest ears

Q. When you grow up, what do you want to be?
A. A very important woman, with people working for me

How Natalie can help you
If you visit us at the office, I will greet you at reception.

I am responsible for setting up new clients on our systems and applying for relevant information to ensure your records are complete. I will also arrange for your records to be collected and post them back to you.


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Natalie’s background
Natalie attended Francis Combe Academy where she completed her childcare level 2 qualification in 6th form. She went on to work as a nursery assistant at a private nursery, whilst studying. After four years at the nursery she wanted to change environment and job role.

Natalie started her new role at Carphone Warehouse, where she gained more confidence in customer service, as well as learning invaluable team skills. She also had training in running a successful operation as a store manager.

Natalie looked to further her career and develop her growing skill set. She is now an admin co-ordinator at Meades Contractors.

Natalie deals with administrative and company secretarial tasks, such as the filing of forms with Companies House and the submission of tax returns to HMRC. Natalie also works alongside the client managers in the process of taking on new clients.