Joe Marie Cachumbo

Admin Assistant

Xero Certified Advisor


Q. What is the main area of expertise you offer clients?
A. I’m a whizz on the computer and I support the team in keeping client files organised

Q. If you were a superhero, what would your power be?
A. Mind reading

Q. Tell us something about you that not many people would know
A. I am a kind person with a heart of gold and a good Samaritan when I can be

How Joe Marie can help you

Joe Marie is a great communicator and makes sure that client needs are understood. He supports the team in answering client queries quickly and efficiently.

Joe Marie’s background

Joe Marie describes himself as loquacious, he is never lost for words. As a people-person Joe Marie is a fantastic team player, but he has a competitive side too – always striving for greater achievements. He is a graduate of BS Psychology and loves new experiences.

Joe Marie started his career as an HR Assistant and Administrator, progressing to a Sales and Marketing Agent. Sales was a great fit for Joe Marie as a strong communicator, but Joe didn’t enjoy the continual drive to close sales and reach a quota. Joe Marie’s communication skills were put to the test in his next role, as an English Teacher. Working with students who were occasionally less attentive than he would have liked, was challenging but Joe Marie relished the opportunity to share his knowledge and skills.

In his spare time Joe Marie enjoys watching movies and listening to music.