Gennilyn M. Jocson


Xero Certified Advisor


Q. When you grow up, you want to be…
A. IMF Secret Agent

Q. If you were a superhero, what would your power be?
A. Teleportation and magic

Q. If you were an animal you would be a?
A. Panda

How Gennilyn can help you

Gennilyn has a background in preparing financial reports, working schedules and report consolidation. She will make sure all your reports are factual and accurate to help you make decisions based on accurate and current information.

Gennilyn’s background

Gennilyn is the eldest of three children. She was an honour student in elementary and high school. She joined a scholarship program in college that enabled her to complete her studies in accountancy. After finishing college, she took the Civil Service Examination and passed.

Gennilyn has been working for a multinational company since 2014, where she was responsible for accounts payable and cost accounting. She also assisted other affiliated sites and holding companies, preparing management reports, consolidation and analysis.

In her spare time, she likes reading books and manga, a comic genre created in Japan. She enjoys sketching her favourite characters. She’s a huge fan of manga/anime “One piece” and watched every single episode of it. She’s a nature lover and loves going to places where she can do things that bring her closer to nature.