Gavin James

Client Manager

Q. What is the main area of expertise you offer clients?

A. My main area of strength that my clients will benefit the most from is tax mitigation, both business and personal, as a result of my experience to date.

Q. Movie star who would play you…

A. If I could choose anybody to play me in a movie it’d be a young Robert De Niro as he’s one of, if not the greatest. But I doubt he’d be interested in playing an accountant who races bikes!

Q. If you were an animal you would be a… ? 

A. I would have to be an elephant, mainly because my son is besotted with them (and my house if full of them!) so it would be rude not to. But also they are big, beautiful and majestic with a great memory.


How Gavin Can Help You

Having started my working life as a self-employed contractor, I know what it is like to be in control of your working life in terms of the pros and cons that come with that. The autonomy, the responsibility of looking after your taxes, keeping records, sourcing work and also the lack of the comfort blanket and rights that come with permanent employment. Back then, I sourced work through agencies from time to time, that was a frustrating experience as there were many occasions I was underpaid or paid late and there was never a dedicated point of contact to resolve any issues, so I understand the importance of being a dedicated, trusted and reliable point of contact to my clients.

In addition to my own past experiences, I now have a lot of experience looking after client portfolios and helping clients achieve success with their business ventures, saving them money in the process and assisting them with creating future options for their personal and business finances.


Gavin’s Background

I didn’t know what I wanted to do at 16 so began working as a carpenter. I took a bit of an interest in building houses and subsequently became a bricklayer and at 18 I started working on my own, building garden walls and porches and that soon developed into large extensions and then houses on large new-build sites all across the Home Counties and London. The recession hit hard in 2008/09 and I embarked on a career change.

Having run my own business, filing my own personal and partnership tax returns, I considered a move to tax or accountancy. I enrolled on an AAT course and completed my qualification whilst gaining experience in a couple of roles. Since 2012 I have been looking after the business and tax affairs of individuals, contractors and SMEs. I have first hand experience of being a contractor and business owner and I bring that experience to the table when working with my clients to help them keep more of the money they earn.