Our promise and purpose

We believe it is our responsibility to give you the maximum financial benefit from contracting: by managing your paperwork, reviewing your finances and offering real-time, proactive advice.

Meades Contractor Accountancy Services

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A choice of solutions…because not all contractors are the same

Some contractors simply want an accountant who will tick all the boxes and keep them legal. Others want to ensure they never pay too much tax; and some of our contractor clients want every single piece of financial advice, paperwork, tax, wealth management and planning done for them. Wherever you are on that scale, that is what we will give you.

Our standard contractor service includes:

  • Reducing your paperwork: we process your returns, balance your books, and manage your expenses
  • Real-time reporting: our system lets you see everything: bills, income, balance, available funds, and more
  • Protection from HMRC challenges: we give you our guarantee to support you with any tax challenge
  • The right VAT scheme for you: the average contractor can save £4,000 per year by getting this right
  • RTI, VAT returns, statutory accounts, CT600s and your CS01, all sorted on your behalf
  • Paying yourself properly: simply by paying yourself the correct wage, you could save up to £1,200 per year
  • Using our postal address: use us as your registered office and we will manage your financial correspondence
  • Free meetings and no jargon: in plain English and as often as you need: by phone, Skype, or in person
  • Plus: free advice on tax credits, stamp duty, inheritance tax, trusts, capital gains tax, and much more…


“…the honest truth is that I wish I’d been there earlier, because I’m impressed.”

Colin Cookney

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Service Packages

Our standard service alone will save you more time, add more value to your bottom line and help you run your business more efficiently than most average accountants can. And if you want to supercharge your accountancy services, there are even more benefits available with our bespoke contractor packages.

“As an overall package, it’s excellent. It just takes away all the effort.”

Charles Perry

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Contractor Accountancy Prices

As part of our commitment to serving contractors with optimal accountancy support, we have created Meades Umbrella. The Meades Umbrella supports contractors looking for flexibility in their contracts. It gives you the ability to switch between an umbrella and your PSC for different contracts. We even advise you on how to manage your income, regardless of the remuneration vehicle, to minimise your tax liability.

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