The rewards card that allows contractors to spend freely

As a contractor or freelancer, your focus is fulfilling your contract responsibilities and doing a great job which might lead you to more work in the future. You do not want to be worrying about tax, paperwork, reporting figures and ticking boxes. That is what you pay your accountant for: to look after all of the financial ins and outs and make sure you hang on to as much of your money as you are entitled to keep. In fact, if you are paying your accountant more than the time, money and effort that they are saving you, then it’s fair to say that you probably need to think about getting another one.

Another thing that your accountant should be doing for you, because you should be busy fulfilling your customer’s contract requirements, is keeping an eye out for any other benefits and opportunities that might help you. Advice about online accounting, IR35, mortgages for contractors, the latest online apps, and even time-management tips are all part of a good accountant’s responsibility.

Recently, I came across a great one – it’s a reward card, designed specifically to give small business owners (including contractors) benefits, special offers and access to a wealth of business services whilst providing a personal benefit too!

It’s like having Nectar card, Airmiles or Tesco’s Club Card … but for small businesses!

I have lots of reward cards – why would I want another?

Many of the contractors my team and I support don’t extract all of their earnings from their Personal Service Company (PSC) – it simply isn’t tax efficient. So, it’s important that contractors are taking advantage of every legitimate way to use the funds in their business for their benefit. Prosper² is a great example of this.

Earn and spend with Prosper²

When you sign up, you receive your own pre-paid credit card, simply load the card with reward points and spend anywhere in the world where you see the Mastercard acceptance mark . The basic concept is that the fee for membership comes out of your PSC (Personal Service Company) Prosper² then reward you with 80% points back of which you can load to your card and start spending. It’s as easy as that! So why not sign up and receive bespoke benefits for all the hard work that you put in each month?

But the benefits don’t stop there.

There are lots of really exciting discounts and offers made available purely for members. These include getting money off brands like Apple, HP, Phillips, Worldwide Hotels and other leading high street names. So, when you or your business need some new supplies or equipment you can get the best deals available. As an opportunity aiming to help contractors, freelancers and the self-employed reap greater benefits and returns from their incomes, Prosper² has also pulled together some great business advice facilities for its members, along with giving you the opportunity to set up your own reward system to incentivise your business network.

Always on the lookout

As regular readers of my blog will know, I am always on the lookout for information and advice that might help my contractor customers. So, if you come across anything amazing, innovative, money-saving or time efficient that you have tried and tested, let me know. Whether it is a product or a service, if it helps my customers, I will try it out and (if it works) help to spread the word too.

If you’re interested to learn more about Prosper², get in touch or connect with me on LinkedIn.