IR35 Status Tool

As we approach the April 2021 IR35 reform deadline, it’s incredibly important that you know where you stand as a private sector contractor. Whether you’re vetting a new contract or don’t think a determination that your end client’s supplied is correct, the best place to start is to get an independent, professional employment status assessment.


Kingsbridge’s exclusive, award-winning IR35 Status Tool is here to help.


The Kingsbridge Status Tool asks between 29-34 carefully worded yes/no questions to ascertain an IR35 employment status. These questions – developed by Andy Vessey ATT, an ex-HMRC inspector, qualified accountant, and a leading IR35 specialist who has defended over 500 tax investigations, most of which he has won – take a 360 view of both contract wording and working practices for as accurate a result as possible.


IR35 Status Tool
Kingsbridge Ir35 Status Tool

If it’s a clear-cut case, the tool then generates an instant determination, as well as a comprehensive report that pulls through the notable positives or negatives of your engagement. If it’s a borderline result, the answers given are passed over to one of our in-house IR35 specialist for further manual review.


Kingsbridge is currently the only IR35 solution provider on the market to offer this hybrid solution, and we firmly believe that it’s the best way to give you a quick, conclusive status result with all the support needed to guide you through the reform.


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