Introducing Propiteer

Propiteer Capital PLC gives you the opportunity to easily grow your money by investing in a unique portfolio of desirable, asset-backed projects.

Asset-backed returns

Propiteer Capital PLC secure your funds against asset-backed projects, providing security against your investment.

Invest in a diverse portfolio

Your funds are spread across their diverse property development portfolio with a gross development value of over £800m

Easily plan your finances

Whether building your pension or diversifying your portfolio, Propiteer’s attractive returns combined with Fixed Rate+ make planning your financial goals easier in today’s volatile market.

Joining Propiteer Capital PLC

Membership is exclusively by invitation. As a Meades client we can introduce you to the club.

There’s no obligation to invest and you’ll be kept informed of new opportunities.

Want to know more?

This is an exclusive offer, so to find out more fill in the form below or call Paul Meades on 01923 800444.


Please note:

The content of this promotion (as contained in the Propiteer Capital PLC website) has not been approved by an authorised person within the meaning of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Reliance on this promotion for the purpose of engaging in any investment activity may expose the individual to a significant risk of losing all of the property or other assets invested. Read more.