Our gift to you – some light reading which may even help to save you tax!

What was the most interesting part of yesterday’s budget for you? For us at Meades it was the focus George Osborne gave to individual savings.
The Help to Buy ISA will give many parents some hope of their children finally flying the nest and the Personal Savings Allowance meaning that those with savings income of less than £1,000 from 2016 won’t have to pay tax on their savings!
The drop in the lifetime pensions allowance means we should speak in the near future, if you think your pension savings are nearing the £1million mark as we can put in place a claim for protection.
There were other more subtle duty changes and reliefs you may be entitled to, especially if you are planning to exit your company, so again, speak to your client manager as soon as possible when planning to sell or retire from your business.
It was a budget with savings in mind and as our valued client we would like to help you save tax whenever possible so please enjoy the Meades budget highlight summary which you can find by clicking this link:
Meades 2015 Budget Summary.pdf
It is your personal copy to keep and refer to so if you spot anything which appears relevant to your circumstances and which you think you would like to chat through then why not get in touch with your client manager?
Likewise, as we revisit the Chancellor’s statement over the next few days if we spot anything which we feel you might like to hear about, as it could benefit you, your family or your business we will contact you to see if it is something you wish to pursue.