It’s the battle of the Breakfast Show

Radio studioOn Monday (21st September), Chris Moyles returned to the airwaves to host his first Breakfast Show since his 2012 departure from Radio 1.

Taking the reins at the newly revamped Radio X, Moyles was joined by some familiar faces from his previous radio show. In his typical fashion, Moyles was informal, irreverent and nothing if a little controversial.

When joined by Noel Gallagher, he couldn’t resist a dig at his Radio 1 rival; Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw. When the Oasis star said he’s children listen to Grimshaw’s show, Moyles asked, “Why would you do that to them?”

Of course, it is exactly this kind of subtle dig that his fans love. So much so, #MoylesIsBack was trending on Twitter and many people complained they couldn’t download the Radio X app to listen to the show due to demand.

But in amongst the bravado, banter and battle for ratings; there’s a serious business message we can all learn something from.

Like him or loathe him; Chris Moyles lives and breathes his brand image.

He’s nothing more and nothing less than what his loyal following expect him to be, and it is this that meant so many people tuned in for his first show. What’s more, he’s comfortable with this brand, and is – in the public eye at least – always living up to it.

Is your business brand as strong and consistent as Chris Moyles’?

Would your customers wait three years for you to come back? Could you make your return so seamless it’s like you’d never been away?

Take some time to examine the message your brand is conveying. Is it consistent? Do your customers and prospects always know what to expect? Are you saying exactly what you want to be?

You might be surprised at what you find when you take a step back.

Have a great week