It’s Never Too Late to Start Over…

When we think of servicemen, we think of them serving their country. What we probably fail to think about, is what happens afterwards. What happens to them after they finish their duties? What do they do with themselves after they retire, or in more unfortunate instances, leave the forces due to injury?
Well some of them become entrepreneurs.
X-Forces is a charity that works closely with Help for Heroes to get ex-servicemen into business. And when it comes to utilising the skills that servicemen develop throughout their military careers, exploring business ventures seems like a pretty sensible option.
Ambition, leadership and tenacity are just a few of the key traits that servicemen can have. Whether it’s hardwired in their characters or developed through the challenges they face on the job, these traits are brilliant assets for setting up a business.

Mike Curry is just one shining example of an ex-serviceman who has ventured into pastures new. After breaking his leg, he had to take a break from his military career. And rather than wallow in his misfortune, he decided to set up UniKurve, a mini gym that can be transported over the shoulder.

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There’s also funding available for aspiring ex-servicemen. The Royal British Legion offer grants to help them set up their ventures. It’s this type of support that can be a lifeline for great business ideas, that don’t have the cash boost they need.
It’s never too late to start again. When it comes to business, if something’s not right, change it. Don’t be limited by self doubt or feel obligated to follow something through that has limited value. If it’s not working, cut the cord. It’s not giving up; it’s making a change for the better.
Don’t be scared to venture into pastures new. If you’ve got the right work ethic and determination to make an idea succeed, run with it.