Is loyalty good for you?

Is loyalty good for you?I once saw a TV show set in the 1970s where the main character, a young au pair from Liverpool working in London, decided she wanted a tattoo. While picking up the groceries one morning she decided to ask the most colourfully decorated person she knew, the local butcher, for some advice. As the camera shot narrowed in on the red love heart, split in two by a beautifully scripted ‘Caroline’ he remorsefully said, “stick to parents and football teams.”

In business too, we all risk becoming attached to things that we are no longer in love with. Sometimes it is a client who drains all of our energy, passion and time – but we are too frightened to walkaway from a contract renewal. Or maybe we have a colleague who simply does not contribute and (whether out of sympathy or weakness) we allow them to hang around for years in the hope that they might one day wake up. The truth, however, is that even when this approach is driven through kindness it is actually an unkindness to everyone else and the business itself.

Tattoo removal is easy nowadays

Loyalty is one of the most powerful and admirable forces in all of humanity. Ask any football fan what it feels like to see their favourite ‘local hero’ player sign a new contract despite the financial temptation to move to a bigger club and they will express the very deepest love. And we all feel that little pang of pride when the story’s lead character goes back to the scene of destruction to rescue their friend. In life and in business too, there is no stronger foundation to build upon than one of absolute loyalty. But it is not always the best thing to do!

The truth is that loyalty to someone, or another business, that is not delivering what you need can be highly detrimental to your life as a contractor.

When it comes to essential elements of running a business, particularly for smaller companies or contractors, like support from professional services, loyalty often comes into play. In some instances, it may even be that the contractor or small business just thinks that moving would be too much trouble.

Let me tell you now, as a modern-day, specialist, contractors’ accountant – moving can be as easy as just asking.

I wish I’d done that years ago

Have you ever tried a new food or ventured to a holiday destination on your wish list and thought – I waited too long to try this? That is the feeling many of our new clients express after just one meeting with our specialist, contractor team. It is not merely the fact that we often find instant ways to save them money, but mostly the because we can give them absolute clarity and assurance that they are doing everything right. From IR35 to claiming expenses correctly – you can count on us.

We believe that loyalty is a great thing – but we also believe (in business especially) that it should be earned.

Now there is a sentiment worth tattooing to your office door.

If you, or someone you know needs the support of a proactive contractor accountant, please give them our number, we’ll be delighted to help.