Is it SnapGram…or is it InstaChat?

Business rivals

McDonalds and Burger King. Costa Coffee and Starbucks. Samsung and Apple. MySpace and Bebo.

When it comes to great business rivalries, there are more than I’d care to count and all of them have one thing in common: Their greatest competition is often their biggest inspiration.

And there’s now a new rivalry we can add to this list, as Instgram and Snapchat go head-to-head with their direct messaging photo services.

Snapchat blazed the trail for the ‘send a photo secretly to someone’ app, and now Instagram, it seems, wants a piece of the pie. The photo-sharing app’s new feature allows you to send a picture to one person directly, without adding it to your feed.

Sound familiar?

Anyway, this story got me thinking about how there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition.

Sure, completely copying what your competition is doing isn’t the best route you should take – Apple and Samsung, take note! But you should be constantly striving to better yourself based on the competition you have.

Otherwise, your business becomes stagnant and your customers will go elsewhere.

We shouldn’t be afraid of competition, and we shouldn’t be afraid of change.

Just some food for thought….

…speak soon!