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I need to be honest with you…

Ducks in a rowIn today’s competitive job market it’s difficult to stand out among hundreds of qualified applicants.

The importance of sending in a memorable resume and cover letter is easier said than done.

So how do you leave a lasting impression on a prospective employer?

Pull together a resume littered with your failures, bad references, and non-skills. Obvious really.

That’s what successful applicant Jeff Scardino a senior creative did to solve this classic job seeker’s dilemma.

He highlights several lost pitches during his time in the advertising industry, his inability to remember names, and even romantic failures.

Scardino applied for 10 positions, all of which he was qualified for and genuinely interest in.

He sent in two separate applications to each company, spacing them out over a week using different names and addresses on each one.

The results were surprisingly lopsided.

With the regular resume receiving ‘nil-pwa’ the honest resume received eight responses and five meeting requests.

Not bad.

It’s a bold technique for getting face time with prospective employers but it worked.

Maybe it’s time to start adapting this honesty in other areas of our approaches.

What are you doing differently to stand out from the crowd?

Think differently, be innovative and see what happens…