Do you know the three reasons Contractors and Freelancers love FreeAgent?


1. It frees up their time to earn more money

2. It frees up their mind to concentrate on the things that matter

3. It frees up their finances to work for them and not against them


freeagent businessDo you want to get FreeAgent working for your business?

If you’re not using an accounting package, Meades Contractors are offering a FREE upgrade to FreeAgent for two brand new contractor/freelancer clients every month. That’s right, the first two people who join our exclusive Gold Package contractor service will get a full FreeAgent upgrade and setup for FREE!

You could be one of them – JUST ASK!

That’s right, there is no quiz, no prize draw, no answers on a postcard. JUST ASK!If you are one of the first two people to ask we’ll set you up on FreeAgent for FREE.



You will be joining the 40,000 UK businesses that already love these benefits of FreeAgent:freeagent upgrade

  • Self-sending and self-chasing invoices
  • Expenses sorted in seconds: zero hassle
  • One-click self-assessment/tax-return
  • Automatic banking in the background



Plus a whole range of other great management tools: time tracking, estimate software, VAT management, live cash flow and profitability, and so much more.
Call today on 01923 729517 to see if you could be one of this month’s lucky two, or fill in the form below and one of the team will be in touch.


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