First-World Problems…


…we’ve all had them.

Whether it be running out of shampoo mid shower, forgetting to charge our phone before leaving the house, or not being able to find the bottle opener in an emergency –  at one point or another we’ve felt (however ridiculously) pretty hard done by.

It’s worrying really, isn’t it?

We’re still partial to a moan, regardless of how trivial our problems seem. And it’s probably for this reason that fast-food-chain McDonalds have taken drastic measures to ease our daily ‘struggles’.

Check out what they’ve done here:

We’ve all been there. Scrambling around at the bottom of the paper bag for the last few stone-cold chips after we’ve inhaled our Big Mac is exhausting work. Thankfully, McDonalds have spotted the issue and designed a bag that has a cardboard, detachable base.

We’ll never have to rummage around for that hard-to-get chip again.

The innovative idea has been developed in Hungary, and hopefully (to save us the sheer inconvenience) will be rolled out across the UK soon.

There’s probably a lesson in here somewhere. Whether it be to make sure we’re making our lives as simple as possible – or on the flipside – whether we should harden up, and stop moaning about how hard we’ve got it (when let’s face it, we haven’t), this story really does put things into perspective.

Food for thought…

…Have a great week!