Do you really want to give the taxman £521,700?


It’s a lot of money, isn’t it? But that’s how much someone earning £30,000 a year pays in taxes over their lifetime. And for higher earners the amounts are even bigger.
Of course we all have to pay our fair share of taxes. But there’s no reason why you should pay more than your fair share, is there?
Unfortunately, paying more than their fair share is precisely what many people do… often without even realising it. And that’s why we’ve produced TaxAbility – a brand new easy-to-use tax-busting checklist.
In just a few pages it reveals 70 powerful ideas to shave many pounds – perhaps even many thousands of pounds – off your tax bills.
As you will see, we have actually written TaxAbility for people who aren’t our clients. But we think it will also be useful for those that are – which is why I’ve enclosed a copy for you as my gift.
I would strongly recommend that you read it to see if there are any issues that you would like to discuss with us. We will have covered much of the ground with you before, of course, but with such large sums at stake it makes sense to reconsider them very regularly – especially if your circumstances, plans and aspirations have changed.
The checklist has been designed to take less than 25 minutes to complete – and it could be the most profitable 25 minutes you’ll spend this year.
If you answer any of the questions with a “no” – or perhaps with a “no, not recently” – please give me a call as soon as possible and we will discuss what your options and possible tax savings might be.
And, of course, if you know anyone else (for example a relative, business associate or colleague) who doesn’t really want to pay the taxman £521,700 either – tell us and we will happily send them a copy of the TaxAbility checklist free of charge.
You can access the full checklist here:
Meades Contractors – TaxAbility 2015-16