CVs are so #Dated!


Ever thought of searching for candidates on Twitter?

Sometimes you have to do something a little different in order to be seen and Javier DeSantiago did just that when he sneakily managed to stick parts of his CV into his Twitter account to show employers that he was a pretty well-rounded individual:

In his tweets, which have been viewed more than 300,000 times, Javier impressively explained that he enjoyed a glass of orange juice – but also happened to speak a variety of languages (Tweet-Twoo):

“@javierchirps I had some orange juice earlier and it was great! Almost as great as being bilingual and having the ability to work under pressure”.

With CVs being so dated and Twitter so much more accessible – this is a brilliant idea. In this digital age we have more ability to check out our candidates than ever before, why not make the most of it? Getting on an interviewee’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn should be a matter of course before any job offer is extended. Checking this stuff out before hiring them might be a bit of a pain, but in the long run it’ll save you a whole heap of grief.

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