Contracting can be complex – you need an expert on your side


If there is one thing that we have learned since we set up Meades Contractors as a specialist company to look after our freelance and contractor clients, it is that they really value personal support.

Contractors need expert support to run their Personal Service Company (PSC), understand IR35 or operate through an Umbrella if their contract requires it. That is in addition to dealing with the day-to-day strains of being your own boss and keeping one eye out for the next opportunity – it can be quite challenging as a contractor in 2020!

Only by having support from people who have been there, done that and deal with these issues day after day can you get the best help.

Would you like to know what expert help looks like? Meet the vastly experienced and enthusiastic Natasha Goss, who now heads up the Meades Contractors business. With over twenty years’ experience, she is the person you need on your side.

A big step and a new ambition

Natasha is an FCCA qualified accountant with Senior Client Manager experience and has worked exclusively with contractors for over a decade. She left University with a BSc(Hons) degree in Mathematics and Statistics before completing her ACCA accountancy qualification. While at University, she worked as a steward at a Premier League football ground, so she has enjoyed the atmosphere of many a match backwards – without actually seeing any of the action. She originates from Kent and loves to get down to the coast when visiting family, especially as Hertfordshire is probably the most inland county in the UK.

Joining Meades in November of 2019 was a big step for Natasha, and heading up the contractor business has allowed her to turn all her experience as a part of someone else’s team into creating a team of her own. She is now 100% laser-focused on making all our contractor’s lives easier and richer: and is looking forward to meeting you all.

I think that this appointment is one of the most significant and positive moves we have made since we set up the specialist contractor division of our business. And I know that all of our contractors will soon start to enjoy the benefit of Natasha’s influence. The contractor market is changing rapidly and as we roll out new services, such as Meades Umbrella, it is more important than ever that our contractors have access to qualified accountants and advisors to support them in making the decisions that protect their income.

A little more about Natasha

With two school age children and a husband to take care of Natasha has a busy life, both in and out of working hours. She is also something of a socialite (which is an essential quality for any Meades employee) and loves spending time with family and friends.

So, if you want parenting advice (please ask elsewhere), but for any compliance, IR35, deadlines, tax planning, or other contractor-specific business or accountancy questions, please get in touch with Natasha.

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