“They’re forthcoming with advice and recommendations that you wouldn’t necessarily know to ask…”

Q: What do you do and what do you like most about contract work?

A:  I’m an architect and I run my own practice. I used to be a partner in a large architectural practice and I wanted a little bit more freedom and self-sufficiency so I decided to do my own thing. I’ve done it for 2 ½ years and I like it very much.

Q: What led to you choosing Meades Contractors?

A: It was a recommendation from my wife who is also a Meades Contractors’ client. She’s been with them for some time so when I decided to do my own thing, it was quite a straightforward recommendation from her.

Q: What do you like about working with them?

A: I like the personal relationship. They assign a client manager and you get to know them very well. I tend to have quite a lot of questions and my client manager responds very quickly. We have a very good relationship.

They’re very knowledgeable and provide an awful lot of advice that I’m unaware of in terms of running my own business because this is all new to me. They tend to just do it for me without me having to worry about it.

Q: How do you find the service?

A: I think the service is excellent. The response is almost immediate and always very pleasant and friendly.

Q: What about the added value?

A: They’re forthcoming with advice and recommendations that you wouldn’t necessarily know to ask on how to run your own business. I find that very good.

Q: What are the main benefits for you of working with Meades Contractors?

A: For me, one benefit is that I can communicate with them without having to go to the office – there’s fantastic communication by email, which is very worthwhile for me because I can just do it from my desk, or my phone when I’m out and about. So, it’s communication and accessibility. Paul Meades himself is a very nice guy and I also like his knowledgeable updates.