“Working with Meades, there’s an openness, a clarity and a responsiveness.”

Q: What do you do and what do you like most about contract work?

A: I’m a contractor in the Financial Services sector. I enjoy the flexibility of moving into different environments and the challenges of building relationships with new stakeholders.

Q: What led to you choosing Meades Contractors?

A: I’d come across mention of them in different contractor forums – they had very good reviews. Plus, Louise presented at an IPSE seminar I attended and, of course, they specialise in the contractors’ market. I contacted them and I was immediately impressed.

Q: What do you like about working with them?

A: I have a good relationship with client manager, Gavin. He’s a good guy and I find him very responsive. He knows what I need and he’s a good sounding board. He’s timely and concise in his responses. Even if I have further queries, he’ll review those and get back to me.

Q: How do you find the service?

A: Very good. If I’ve got a query, they come back to me very quickly and are always willing to hear about what I need.

Q: What about the added value?

A: I’m on top of my business finances but actually getting feedback very quickly does add value because I like to know where I am at any one time, and it means I don’t have to pay more in taxation than I have to.

Q: What are the main benefits for you of working with Meades Contractors?

A: Working with Meades, there’s an openness, a clarity and a responsiveness, and I don’t have to spend so much time worrying about the financial aspects of the business.