“I’ve made the right choice and, as such, I’m really happy.”

Q: What do you do and what do you like most about freelance work?

A: I’m an independent IT contractor. I worked for consultancies before but it’s important that I’m here to support the family – so work-life balance was my main driver. I’m fortunate in that I’m really enjoying that balance.

Q: What led to you choosing Meades Contractors?

A: I’ve got a very good friend that I trust and he uses Meades. So it was on personal recommendation.

Q: What do you like about working with them?

A: I chose to work with Meades because when I spoke to Yasmin, she gave me the confidence that my accounts would be handled effectively by her. Whenever I ask for guidance, I’m given recommendations based on her experience.

Q: How do you find the service?

A: Yasmin and Natalie are two excellent individuals and I’m content with the service from them.

Q: What about the added value?

A: I’ve had advice and options from Yasmin on a couple of occasions when I’ve asked for it, so I do feel I get added value from her in that way.

Q: What are the main benefits for you?

A: I work with a set of values and I like to work with people who mirror or reflect those. I went with Meades Contractors due to personal recommendation – and the work that Yasmin has done since has shown me that I’ve made the right choice and, as such, I’m really happy.