Are you on a mission or are you in control?

Most contractors simply work hard. Hey, that has got to be a good thing, hasn’t it? They are driven by the fact that they are responsible for their own destiny, no one else can do the work for them, and if they don’t do it, their client might go and find someone else. The weight of this mission can be quite a burden for a hard-working, independent contractor or freelancer.

On top of the pressure of putting in the hours, self-motivation, and satisfying the expectation of your client there are all of the accounts, tax and financial planning issues to think about – nightmare!

Ground Control to Major Tom!

There is a sadness about the recurring references to Major Tom in several of the late, great David Bowie’s songs. Most people think he was talking about himself and his relationship with the world, but whatever the hidden message, there was a definite feeling of being out of control. Reaching for the stars and achieving greatness (as Bowie did throughout his life) is the ultimate accomplishment, but it can be a high price to pay – without direction.

Successful contractors are those with the drive and the focus to get on with the job, work hard and win better contracts as a result. But they can only ever give 100%. There is a limit to how much reward your effort and your skill can give back to you: turning 100% into 120% takes a little more. As the famous Pirelli slogan declares, “Power is Nothing Without Control”.

Mission Control can give you back that extra 10, 15, 20%

The fact is that some of your direct efforts, as a contractor, will always be lost in the process of trying to cope with everything else. While you are busy doing a great job for your customer, you won’t be keeping on top of your expenses. When your mind is set on hitting deadlines and staying ahead of the game, you might not be staying on the right side of IR35 regulations. And when those extra hours start taking their toll, who is going to make sure you’ve put aside enough for the taxman, and that he is not going to demand too much?

Having a solid and reliable Mission Control behind you could save you working hard without true direction. It could also mean that your efforts are rewarded more proficiently, giving you exponentially higher returns or tax efficiencies for every single hour you work.

Become a FreeAgent contractor!

At Meades Contractors, we encourage all of our clients to use FreeAgent to manage their business. We supply this purpose built management tool free, as part of our service: and it improves the focus and increases the return on effort in 100% of our clients’ businesses. It is the ultimate contractor Mission Control.

Using a tool like FreeAgent means you will no longer feel like you are ‘sitting in a tin can, far above the world’. Instead of looking out of the window of your busy daily life feeling like ‘planet earth is blue and there is nothing you can do’, you can work hard knowing that Ground Control is in control and working for you behind the scenes.