Whether you own one buy-to-let property or you are planning a portfolio of three to three hundred, the landscape for landlords is changing. Stamp duty adjustments, tightening legislation and gradually reducing mortgage tax relief leading up to 2020 will affect everyone who owns more than one property. There is no escaping the changes that are coming for landlords!

There are, however, better ways to manage, build and reduce the cost of growing your property empire. The key to negotiating the legislation, avoiding the traps and maximising your income is PLANNING: and to plan well you need to know the terrain ahead. That’s where Meades Contractors can help.

“Working with Meades, there’s an openness, a clarity and a responsiveness.”

Ronnie Weir

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Some obstacles to tackle:

We have already guided hundreds of property investors to safety and success, and we can do the same for you. Here are some of the obstacles we can help you overcome:

  • Capital Gains Tax: avoid or reduce the bill
  • Inheritance Tax Planning: ensure you don’t pay to pass your property on …
  • What sort of mortgage: commercial or buy-to-let?
  • Stamp Duty: do you really want to pay this for each property?
  • Individual or Limited Company: work out which is best for you
  • Investment or trading business: which are you? Why it matters …

Managing your property in the cloud!

We show our customers how to use cloud accounting software to autonomously manage and control all of their property costs and income. If new legislation is making the business of property investment more complex, then cloud accounting is giving it the clarity of a new horizon.

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